Customized Wood Crating Solution

We make wooden Crates/ Wooden Lift Van

Skeleton Crating

Skeleton crates are a cost-effective solution opposed to shipping cargo bare and the crate structure accommodates to irregular shaped goods. Skeleton crates are much lighter than enclosed crates, potentially lowering your overall shipping costs. Why use Skeleton crates? One of the biggest problems with storing items in a warehouse is that after a long period of time you forget what was packed inside the crates. With normal crates that are screwed together, it's usually a case of unscrewing the crate with a screw gun and then rummaging through the contents of the crate to see what's inside and this can take up a lot of time and effort. With a Slat crate, Open or Skeleton Crate, all you have to do is clip the crate together, using our easy clip system - no tools required other than the 'easy clip removal tool' (we supply you with) or a flat head screwdriver.

Reusable Solid Crates

Our success is provide you best and reliable Solid Special Shipping Crates for Autos Vespa, Cars, Jeeps and any type of machines as per your requirements.
We are manufacturer of new lift vans,Wooden box and crates / Packing services company in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Peshawar, Multan, Karachi, (Pakistan). If you are not inclined to purchase several lift-vans directly from the manufacturers that we refer to, then lift-vans many be available by purchasing the packing/loading services plus the lift-van(s) from a nearby professional mover. You can arrange packing and delivery to our nearest designated export receiving/shipping terminal for an economy service move, or if you prefer, we can arrange for full service packing/pickup using the packing agent best suited for your needs.

Custom Wood Shipping Crates

Executive Packers Movers can design wood crates and deliver them to a customer as a part of their routine manufacturing operations or we can produce special-purpose crates for single industrial applications. Executive Packers Movers has experience building small, highly technical wood crates and containers (for circuit boards, for example) and extremely large boxes for such items as oil field or power generation equipment. We can accommodate such unusually configured or unwieldy devices as surgical robots. We build wood crates with the end user in mind, incorporating features that make unpacking and removal simple and efficient. We use CAD programs when critical tolerances and box design must be approved by a customer’s engineering department. We also incorporate into our wood crates a wide variety of flotation bases for shock isolation of sensitive electronic or medical equipment.

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Best Choicing For Logistics Transportation Services

Our team at Executive Packers & Movers prides itself on assist you to relocate your luggage at every step of the perfect professional process. We strive to provide the best full Domestic/International relocation service solutions so your move goes off without a hitch. Our professional team of movers as well as the full-service moving packages we offer ensure an efficient local or long-distance move.

International Relocation Service

save time/money with extreme safety of luggage

The process Cargo shipment packing of goods/luggage/furniture or etc will be the memorable experience of your life,  for every piece of your luggage we choose best packing material for its safety measures, loading offloading in a moving truck, cargo aircraft and shipping container all in order to get your possessions to the right place one by one piece, it can be a stressful process. Let us help ease some of that stress with our professional skills, services, and knowledge! No matter where you and your family are moving to, we can get your memories there safe and sound.